Nasi Lemak Sambal Sauce 椰浆饭酱 200G

Nasi Lemak Sambal Sauce 椰浆饭酱 200G

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Nasi Lemak sauce in a bottle is fast and convenient.
With it, you can have a delicious bowl of nasi lemak in minutes.

* Do not need to defrost or reheat. Ready to eat just like that!
* Does not contain onion, suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.
* Fresh from the factory can last up to 2 years.

3 ingredient nasi lemak meal - cucumber, nasi lemak sauce, and rice. It's that simple!
Or if you like you may fry it with onion or petai for a different taste!

椰浆饭酱罐装方便好吃 , 无需解冻!

Nasi Lemak Sauce 麦之素椰浆饭酱 - Bottle edition 罐装 (I111C)
Weight / 重量: 200g
100% VEGETARIAN Certification: HALAL, HACCP

Serving Suggestion 食用方法:-
Ready to Eat with rice and cucumbers

Ingredients: -
Chili, Tomato, Lemongrass, Cabbage, Palm Oil, Mushroom, Sugar, Salt, Vegetarian Seasoning.
辣椒,香菇, 香茅,植物油, 番茄,食盐,糖,素调味料

Storage Instruction: -
Store in cool and Dry Places.