Product Used 

Ahimsa Mushroom Bite (Vegetarian Mutton)
Ahimsa Curry Paste


Serving Size 2 to 3 person
Cooking Method Stew
Preparation Time 15 minute
Cooking Time 30 minute

300 gm Ahimsa Mushroom Bite
150 gm Potato cut into pieces
300 ml Water
10 gm

Curry leaf

300 ml  Cooking oil (for fried potato)
60 ml Cooking oil
100 gm Ahimsa Curry Paste
100 ml Coconut milk


  1. Ready one pot or wok add 300 gm of cooking oil and heat up to medium hot then add potato piece fried until gold brown or 3 to 4 minute then remove keep a side.
  2. In another pot add 60 gm Cooking oil, heat up to medium hot add Ahimsa Curry Paste stir fried for 2 minutes until fragrant is emitted..
  3. Then add potato and curry leaf and cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Add Ahimsa Cheese Mutton Meat and cook for 3 minute then add 200 ml of water and stew for 15 to 20 minute or until potato become tender.
  5. Add coconuts milk and stir well until boiling then remove pot from the heat.
  6. Pour onto a serving dish, ready to serve with rice , bread or chapati


What is the difference between Ahimsa Mushroom Bite with Curry Sauce D301WS and  Authentic Curry Mushroom Bite D301WSD? 

Well D301WS is frozen ready meal which can be kept for a long time on the freezer for best taste.  Best used when having meal at home. 

Authentic Curry Mushroom Bite D301WSD is the more compact for 2 person and specially packed for convenience and can be kept in the pantry for easy storage or take it along for your trip.