Product Used 

Ahimsa Fillet  (Cod Fish) 1 pc 
Ahimsa Asam Sauce


Serving Size 4 to 5 person
Cooking Method Deep Fried
Preparation Time 20 minute
Cooking Time 15 minute

Ingredients:   Sauce Ingredients:  
1 pc Ahimsa Fillet 6 tbs Ahimsa Asam Sauce
80 gm Lady Finger cut into piece 150 ml Water
50 gm Tomato cut into wedge  


60 gm Pineapple cut into piece    
600 ml

Cooking oil (for deep frying)

60 ml

Cooking oil (for cooking)



  1. Get ready one clean wok or pot and add in cooking oil and heat up to medium hot then slowly add in the Ahimsa Fillet to deep fried until golden brown and fragrance, remove and drain.
  2. Put the Ahimsa Fillet into a serving plate and keep a side.
  3. Add 60 ml of cooking oil into a wok and heat up to medium hot, then add in Ahimsa Assam Sauce and stir for 1 minute then add lady finger, tomato, pineapple with 150 ml water and cook until boiling.
  4. Dish out and ready to serve.